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After making your rifle safe, you’ll want to get to.


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<br><br>At MOUNTAIN TACTICAL&reg;, we understand that not everyone has $600 &ndash; $1,000+ to purchase a custom stock for their favorite rifle which is why we created the MOUNTAIN TACTICAL&reg; Cheek.

When adding optics, it rises the stock comb height. . Free 4 day shipping.

The Beartooth™ Comb Raising Kits are easy ways to increase your shooting comfort and accuracy without resorting to expensive gunsmithing. 59 products.

This affordable ''cheek riser'' promotes proper eye alignment with your scope or bore sight.

This cheek rest is not reccomended for socom or scout models, Please check out the Bradley adjustable models.

. When you raise the comb, the eyes are in perfect alignment with the target.

M1A fixed model: The M1A cheek rest will mount to any M1A and any other rifles needing a high cheek rest. 5.

This keeps the system relatively smooth to the stock with the recessed nut on the one side and a rounded bolt head on the other.

AR/AR 10/ and AK cheek rests, starting with the BRAVO 1 GEN II.

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. Graco provides a superior product, excellent workmanship and genuine customer service. The cheek riser adds another 1/2" an inch, more than doubling the adjustment range of the Modstock to accommodate medium and tall optic mounts.

Browning Legia Gun Oil Spray 750ml. Buy TOURBON Neoprene Adjustable Gun Stock Cheek Rest Pad Comb Raising Kit - Black: Gun Stock Accessories - Amazon. Length of Pull – ELR/Mesa Long Range, Length of Pull – BA Tactical, Comb Height – ELR/BA Tactical/Mesa Long Range. 0. EUR 13. *Patent Pending.

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Both have been expertly installed and withstood thousands of rounds, functioning perfectly.

The first step in building your comb-riser is to determine how much material you need to add.


Most bolt action rifles still have the comb height designed for open sights.

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